As easy as 1 - 2 - 3

01 / FAST

We capture meeting requests efficiently through our intuitive & interactive web interface and respond quickly with options in a simple, easy to compare format, resulting in quicker decisions and efficient execution.

02 / SMART

We help you leverage the power of aggregation to get the best deals, track spends real time and eliminate cost leakages. And our back-end analytics help you analyze aggregated data, draw insights and measure ROI.

03 / EASY

With intuitive templates, great deals, multiple payment options and compliance with corporate policy - Meetzpro has benefits for everyone.

Fully Customizable

Small Meetings and Events

Planning an event can be complex with many steps. MeetzPro takes the hard work out of your event planning and provides you with custom designed experiences globally. Our proprietary platform comprehensively captures all your needs and translates them into real-time events, with special emphasis on the 'Duty of Care' policy.

Rapid Query Response

for Augmented Decision Making

With MeetzPro, expect the fastest turnaround time due to world-class responsive aggregation technology. Our powerful system promptly reviews your request and reverts with multiple options, in an easily comparable format, in just a few hours! With all the information in one place, we enable faster and informed decision-making inline with your budget.

Intuitive Visual Platform

with Integrated Analytics

MeetzPro's intuitive tech platform is where it all comes together. It captures all your needs and also validates your estimates against contracted rates. View all your past and current spends, calculate ROI and track KPls on a single dashboard to get better spend for your money.

Single Payment Interface

All Your Needs

Meetzpro offers hassle-free payment options that are compliant with your existing policies. Make one consolidated payment to MeetzPro, who will pay all other vendors on your behalf.



Our team has over two decades of domain experience in managing meetings and events. We understand the challenges and manual inefficiencies in the unmanaged, small meetings and events space. We believe this segment is ripe for aggregation, automation and process transformation through the use of technology.


Meetzpro aims to transform the consumer experience in this segment through the use of technology. Our goal is transparency of options, requirement consolidation, quicker communication, informed decision making, ease of payment, data aggregation, real-time reporting and useful analytics for corporate customers.


Our intuitive interface is designed by domain specialists and policy compliant workflows make it quick to adopt and easy to use with tangible benefits from day one. Save up to 8 hours per request and free up your resources for areas really requiring their expertise.

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